Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Home Tour

My Home for Christmas 2015
          ��A Condo by the Sea��
Tidings of comfort & Joy!
Warm Fuzzies!
My furry baby!
Salty Kisses & Starfish Wishes. 

And always, Wishes for Peace on Earth!

Happy Holidays!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Styling Matters!

In my opinion, styling plays the most important roll in design. Styling is the front man in the band, the Broadway star,  the cherry on top of a Sunday. All the other stuff is needed and are the foundation for a great design, but styling provides the WOW factor. 
Here are a few guidelines to help you with your next styling your next project:
• Designing in 3's or odd numbers is visually appealing (3 objects do not have to match)
• Keep continuity in color (use a paint chip strip to keep you in line)
•. Add texture (think; twine, shells, silver, gold, pattern, glass, wood, petunia, soft, smooth, rough, scratchy) 

Styling applies to everything: 
How you look and dress
Your home (exterior)
Your porch or balcony
Your garden
Your home (interior)
Your desk 
Your car
Your food
All of which would not be palatable without styling. 

I recently joined a group to help me eat healthy.  To help myself with accountability, I vowed to post at least one meal everyday. I didn't want to post a dish that was plain or boring, as delicious as it may be, would the other members of the group believe me?  I also wanted to inspire them to try my recipes and that isn't going to happen without a little styling ;)

I want to share with you my posts so far...
This is day 2 (Wah Wah)

Which meal is most appealing to you visually?
My guess is, day 2 probably isn't it. 
Did you ever wonder why they put parsley on your plate in restaurants & think "what a waste"?  Did you know that it is a palette cleanser & breath freshener?
That's not why they add it though, it's styling!!!

Next time you plate your meal, try styling it and see if you don't sit a little taller with pride and confidently smile with each bite!

Do you need help styling?
Here are my suggestions to get you started:


If you want to learn more about my healthy living group:



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, feel free to comment ;)